So now that you have decided to try out camping, the next step is to gather the things that you will need for your trip for a smooth and overall great experience the first time and each time after. You can either start with the basics and then expand your inventory according to your camping style or go all out and buy the best that you can buy with all the bells and whistles.

The check list below should get you started and also help you further in your camping journey. It is a big checklist but you don’t need a lot to start off. The main and most basic items that you need is a Tent, Cooking stove and a bed/pillow. But with each camping trip, you will want to get something beyond the basics from the list. You might find something not on the checklist that makes sense to you and would like to add to your inventory. It could be something as simple as solar lamps to put up around your tent or even a portable windmill to generate your own electricity. Whatever you need to enhance your overall experience. But of course be mindful of the other campers around you, be mindful of nature, you don’t want to do anything that disturbs them.

Download and print the checklist below and start gathering.

Happy Camping!